Frontier Communications – Sponsorship Strategy Roadmap

As Frontier Communications’ AOR for Sponsorship Strategy and Sponsorship Negotiation, Advantage was tasked with analyzing this client's existing portfolio to develop a strategy that would drive better results against their changing business priorities. Additionally, we assisted Frontier Communications as they shifted the oversight of the company’s sponsorship portfolio to be centralized rather than regionally managed.

In moving from a regional to a centralized sponsorship structure, it was important to audit the client's various partnerships to gain a full understanding of their entire portfolio. This allowed Advantage to help consolidate all of their existing partnerships into one centralized system. This holistic understanding allowed us to analyze Frontier’s complete portfolio and asset mix against the goals and objectives developed through our brand integration process. This understanding also allowed us to produce a sponsorship roadmap for where to invest, divest and readjust in-line with the go-forward strategy. Laid out within the roadmap were key objectives, priority markets, budget considerations, and target properties.

This initiative has resulted in a dramatic shift in Frontier’s sponsorship portfolio. In addition, Advantage has helped in both the negotiation of new properties, as well as re-negotiation of existing properties to ensure that all of their sponsorships are more closely aligned with overall business goals and objectives.

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