McCann Germany and L’Oréal Paris Launch Female Empowerment Campaign

McCann Germany and L’Oréal Paris conducted research and found that 91.4% of management and executive boards in Germany are men. They began digging up every piece of data they could find on women in leadership roles. And what they found was illuminating.

Women leaders aren’t equal to men; they are better.
On average, women leaders created better results than male leaders. When women occupy 30% of management positions, German companies show profitability increases of 15%. Women execs perform 24% better in management reviews, and firms with more women leaders develop more innovations. For example, about 20% more patents per year.

To dramatize these facts, McCann created print ads that correct the perception of women leaders as less than men. To add a dose of humor, they directed the ads at men, and to make them eye-catching, they used actual L’Oréal products to build infographics. L’Oréal supported the idea from the beginning because the ads reflect the company’s core beliefs. And, L’Oréal Germany has added women to its managing board and to corporate positions in Germany. L’Oréal stands for female empowerment and this simple but effective campaign is a great example of that mission.

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