Prime Weber Shandwick and Clear Chanel Create the Out Of Home Project

Winters in Sweden are cold – and at extreme temperatures, the risk for fatal frostbite increases. Therefore, emergency shelters open up all around Stockholm at below -7 degrees. The problem is that too few people know that the shelters exist, and where they are located.

Prime Weber Shandwick turned Clear Channel’s digital billboards into a real-time alert system, helping Stockholm’s homeless find shelters during the coldest winter days.

Using data from numerous organizations, weather data, GPS coordinates, and the current time, we created an emergency system that kicked in at dangerous temperatures. When being outside became too dangerous, Clear Channel’s screens showed homeless individuals the path to the closest open emergency shelter.

Shelters witnessed new faces all winter. Across Sweden, people joined the conversation on social media. And they took action, donating necessities or signing up to be a volunteer. Additionally, Clear Channel has experienced a spike in both employee pride and job applications. The work was recently recognized at the 2019 Cannes International Festival of Creativity, shortlisting twice in Media.

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