Campbell Ewald Recognized at Inclusion Awards for Best Internal Communications Program

Campbell Ewald believes that what makes people different makes us better, and the agency is dedicated to making its culture one where all employees belong and thrive. The agency’s strategy to promote inclusion revolves around authentic opportunities that support change, provide greater understanding, and expand awareness and knowledge of culture.

CE’s inclusion journey began years ago with a goal of eliminating unconscious bias and has moved beyond inclusion to also encompass a community of belonging. The approach is deliberate, strategic, thoughtful and relentless. It includes learning from the past by analyzing and transparently sharing results. This year the agency has taken steps to identify what is working and where they need to focus next to achieve their goals.

Results show that many of the agency’s current programs are working, including community involvement, the OneCE Inclusion council, Courageous Conversations, Book Club and Film Series. They’ve also identified opportunities in the past year to build new programs and bridge gaps in increasing employee engagement. New programs have been created to build diverse creative talent, increase transparency with employees, and focus on ensuring that employees who join Campbell Ewald know they are valued and that they belong.

Employees lead and participate in D&I programs at remarkable levels, and employee feedback from the IPG's Climate for Inclusion survey proves employees believe in CE’s leadership, that the agency values fairness and respect, and that they are equipped with the tools they need to be stewards of inclusion.

And employees are engaged. In fact, 100% of CE employees have participated in at least two OneCE programs in the last year. Ten percent of CE employees have taken on leadership roles within OneCE programs and events, and CE has been recognized externally as a leader in this space as well.

CE D&I survey scores are also impressive. CE 2018 favorability score was 91% for communication and education, 81% for leadership, accountability, and commitment, and 84% for fairness and respect. Also, 93% felt their agency encourages all employees to participate in diversity and inclusion activities, 84% feel they are provided insights on how diversity and inclusion issues affect the workplace, 84% feel they have the information and skills they need to help them address and resolve issues related to diversity and inclusion, and 82% feel their agency’s leadership team communicates a clear vision and strategy for diversity and inclusion.


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