DeVries and Zippo Launch Campaign to Combat Wildfire

DeVries Global worked with Zippo on the launch of the company’s global project, “Fight Fire with Fire,” an initiative which contributes to the restoration and protection of forests around the world. Specifically, the project aims to help counter the effects of deforestation by wildfire, with work beginning in Madagascar.

As the world’s fourth largest island, Madagascar is a land mass that has had 90% of its original forests destroyed largely via “slash and burn” methods. With a shared sense of urgency to leave the planet in a better state and to put nature back into our lives, Zippo and WOODCHUCK USA will plant one tree for every collaboration lighter sold – starting in Madagascar - as part of the BUY ONE. PLANT ONE. ® program. Each lighter comes with a unique code so that purchasers can see where their tree was planted.

Wildfire is a global issue, impacting 4% of the earth’s forested surface each year. Especially concerning is the fact that 84% of fires are caused by human hand. “Fight Fire with Fire” encourages individuals to act responsibly with fire, while helping to re-forest the planet.

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