AXE Dark Temptation - Lowe Ponce

Become irresistible to girls. Chocolatize Yourself.

New products are the main source of growth for Axe in terms of market share and brand image. But recent new products were bringing less incremental business due to copy-catting, a predictable communication formula and increasingly being perceived as a cheap fragrance brand. 


The client wanted to develop fragrances that build on the Axe essence  (seduction) in a renewed way that could boost the credibility of the brand’s fantasy of attracting women.

Research suggested that "women just cannot hold back from chocolate’s irresistible temptation."


This insight led to the campaign idea: "Become irresistible to girls. Chocolatize Yourself." brought to life via an integrated multimedia strategy. TV achieved the requisite awareness and reach, portraying a man spraying Dark Temptation, turning into a Choco guy and thus becoming irresistible to women. Equally important were localised, aggressive sampling and PR drives, reaching out to youth at key hang-outs. A strong digital platform, including Facebook competitions, was crucial to establish long-term consumer engagement and enliven the brand idea.



Axe Dark Temptation has become the best-selling product in a range of countries – from Argentina to the US. In Argentina the brand reached 27.1% market share, its highest ever.  In France, Dark Temptation was the best ever Axe launch and became the number 1 product in the deodorant market.  

Axe Dark Temptation has become a best-selling variant.

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