Christmas in September

The Horizon FCB team in Beirut took part in a moving gesture to give Carmen, an 8-year-old girl battling cancer, a surprise early Christmas.


The charity Tamanna grants the wishes of critically ill children between the ages of 3 and 18.  The goal is to give them joy, strength and hope and to provide an escape from a difficult reality, restoring time for laughter. It allows the child to have a magical experience and share unforgettable moments with their family. Tamanna currently grants an average of three wishes a week. To help raise awareness of their great work, Horizon Draftfcb created a short film to show one such wish coming true.


The Horizon Draftfcb team in Beirut took part in a moving gesture to grant Carman, an 8-year-old girl battling cancer, her special wish. All she wanted was an iPad for Christmas, but Tamanna wanted to make the gift giving something she’d never forget, so Horizon Draftfcb organized a surprise early Christmas.

Carmen was walking around Beirut Souks (marketplace) with her parents after five days of intensive chemotherapy. They stopped for a strawberry ice cream, and as they stepped out of the shop, carols started playing in the souks, while volunteers distributed red Santa hats to the astonished crowd. 

The wish came to a dramatic climax as Santa himself descended from a helicopter, moving through the crowds to give Carmen her Christmas present – an iPad. A banner unfurled with a picture of the unsuspecting star and bystanders teared up as they finally realized what was going on, but Carmen was laughing and smiling with joy.


The campaign gathered massive global TV and press coverage. It was featured by many influential bloggers. In addition to achieving its primary objective of raising awareness, the activity also led to an increase in donations for Tamanna.


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