MRM//McCann Creates First Mobile Platform for Close Range Volunteering

MRM//McCann created “Radar for Good,” a mobile app for close range volunteering to support Coca-Cola’s “Crazy for Good” global initiative.


As part of “Crazy for Good,” a Coca-Cola global initiative dedicated to people doing good for strangers, Coca-Cola Romania tasked MRM//McCann with creating a mobile platform to support people who want to do good deeds for society.


There are many people who want to volunteer, but face the challenge of finding time and a place to start. That’s where MRM//McCann came in. The agency created “Radar For Good,” the first mobile platform for close range volunteering, to support people who want to do good for society and find volunteer opportunities, instantaneously.

Through a simple download from Google Play or iTunes, people can find a way to give a helping hand to those who need it, instantly and locally. The app scans your local area, finds someone that needs help at the moment, and helps you reach them through GPS technology.

It’s a platform for doing good—leaving people just one touch away from helping those in need. 


In less than a month, Radar for Good was the third most popular app in the App Store. In addition, the app generated 21,000 new volunteers and over 190 NGOs in Romania enrolled their causes and reported a rise in the number of volunteers.

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