Overnight Coffee Heats Up Genuine Thermos® Brand


Since 1904, Genuine Thermos® Brand has been keeping America’s coffee hot. Yet Thermos brand wasn’t getting its proper recognition as an icon. Our challenge: Reinforce the brand’s relevance by demonstrating its core product benefit: the amazing heat retention performance of its vacuum-insulated bottles.


Invite Americans to literally wake up and smell the coffee — and drink it piping hot when it arrived via overnight shipment to their doorstep — in the "Genuine Thermos Brand Overnight Coffee Challenge."

In the ongoing campaign, famous coffee roasters would brew fresh coffee, pour it into Thermos brand 40 oz. Stainless King™ Beverage Bottles, pack it in a box and ship it by plane to coffee lovers across the country, ready to enjoy in all its steaming hot glory up to 24 hours later.

To promote the Challenge we shared a 60-second video, wire release, syndicated article, infographic and e-newsletter with media outlets, partner bloggers and social followers. Fans could nominate their favorite coffeehouses to be featured and coffee roasters could nominate themselves for the program by posting on Facebook.com/Thermos or by tweeting @Thermos #OvernightCoffee.


Thus far, our Overnight Coffee initiatives and ongoing media relations work have generated more than 1 billion impressions for the brand, and the campaign was a finalist for Technology Campaign of the Year at the 2016 PRWeek Awards.

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