do bem maquina

Huge partnered with do bem to create the first Brazilian-made smartband, do bem maquina.


When the Brazilian juice company do bem wanted to help consumers get healthier and more active, they partnered with Huge to create the do bem máquina, an easy-to-use smartband with the distinctive look, feel, and attitude of the do bem brand.


Do bem is a Brazilian natural juice brand that aims to simplify people’s lives and make their bodies healthier. The company wanted to grow its brand to create the first Brazilian-made smartband, which they would call the do bem máquina – and they chose Huge to help them create the best possible product. Do bem juices are targeted to regular people, not high performance athletes. In keeping with the brand’s identity, do bem wanted to make a smartband that helps people be more active and healthy in their daily lives, and not necessarily through high-intensity workouts.

To create the best possible smartband on budget and on time, Huge and do bem needed to implement simple UX ideas consistently and with a focused strategy. The look and feel of the smartband and its app had to reflect the distinctively colorful do bem brand identity. At the same time, a clean layout would make the do bem máquina easy for the client to maintain while providing simplicity of use to consumers.

Huge worked with do bem to test band prototypes and architecture design solutions. On the finished version, four different LED colors (red, yellow, green, and blue) indicate varying activity levels, so it’s easy for users to track their progress. The smartband can sync a user’s sleep pattern with the app in just three seconds, producing easy-to-read graphs that help improve sleep. Made entirely of silicone, the smartband is light, comfortable, and water-resistant.

Huge integrated the client’s strong brand imagery with the existing API supplied by the smartband manufacturer to create a unique, on-brand look and feel. The new smartband measures users’ body movements and sleep patterns, compiling and analyzing data through the app. By registering daily activities such as the number of steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled, the do bem máquina encourages users to lead healthier lives by assessing levels of exertion and tracking progress.

We also customized the smartphone app. We simplified daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tracking to focus on user goals and provide a quick overview of activity. The do bem brand speaks a well-defined, distinctive language, which we reflected in a lighthearted, cheeky tone for the app.

Final Product.

Huge provided strategic support in planning the development roadmap and forecasting sales scenarios. The do bem máquina's approachable branding resonated with users and received significant media attention, and initial sales were consistent with the brand’s optimistic expectations.

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