LG: Moms Inner Thoughts

LG needed to increase awareness for their innovative home appliances among mothers, so we positioned them as mom’s coconspirator - helping her get stuff done.

By tapping into the reality that moms are complicated, funny, amazing multitaskers, we created a humorous integrated campaign based on the inner thoughts and confessions of real moms. The “Inner Thoughts” campaign came to life through a dozen humorous TV spots, online videos, and an extensive digital and social initiative curated and shared through #MomConfessions on Tumblr.

Check out the Moms Inner Thoughts case study here.

Make LG the brand moms want

LG is the brand you get when you can’t afford the brand you want… how do we make it the brand you actually want?

LG’s brand tagline is “It’s all possible.” Our task was to drastically reposition the home appliances brand while remaining true to the master brand’s legacy.

As a relatively new brand in a well-defined Home Appliance category, LG was struggling to overtake legacy brands that spend more money and have much higher awareness. Our goal was to elevate consideration for LG.

Armed with an innovative line of high-end appliances and a core group of satisfied customers, the ingredients for success and growth were there. We just needed to get the word out to LG’s discerning target – modern, confident, caring, multitasking real moms who need appliances to help them manage their busy family lives – and do it in a unique and fun way. Real moms craved a more accurate depiction of their lives.


We came up with a fully integrated, humorous campaign that positioned LG as mom’s co-conspirator, showcasing relatable moments through her innermost thoughts.

The campaign resulted in a dozen videos voiced by actress Leslie Mann, which aired on TV and in digital media like Hulu. Original and curated #MomConfessions content was featured on key social properties and sites like Buzzfeed. A destination Tumblr page was created for moms to interact with and share their life hacks and secrets. We launched on Mother’s Day by giving moms the microphone to showcase their real-life confessions on LG’s Times Square billboard.

Moms answered the call...

The results have surpassed the highest expectations. The TV campaign was the highest- scoring LG ad ever tested, and the fifth-highest score for any appliance brand ever tested (Ace Metrix). Consideration rose 10%, and purchase intent grew 31% as compared to previous campaigns.

Our online videos, which were viewed 2.5 million times, lifted engagement by 150%. Thousands of moms submitted and shared their confessions on Tumblr. Facebook content engagement for LG home appliances went up 150% and was 11 times more viral. Twitter had a 700% increase in favorites and saw three times as many retweets.

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