"The Playground is Open"

As global agency-of-record for the Nexus launch, Mullen Lowe US's challenge was to establish the Nexus brand and to do so in a way that was consistent with Google's mission to make the world's information accessible and useful to all.


Industry trends indicated there was a sizable demand for tablets among families, single adults and students. Within this broader audience is a group that is naturally curious and fulfilled by exploration. We called them Experience Seekers and focused our efforts on speaking to them in a fresh and relevant way. In celebration of Google’s long-standing support of discovery, we worked to uncover a universal need that was rooted in humanity vs. gadget lust. With laser focus on demonstrating Nexus 7’s elegant design and ability to incite childhood wonder and discovery, we looked to tell stories that balanced both product attributes and authentic human moments.


The category leaders position themselves as portals into other worlds. We saw them as libraries — windows into closed rooms full of dusty books and curated content limited to that which is deemed cool in the eyes of their keeper. We asked ourselves, what would it look like to disrupt a library? In school, what better rebellion than a trip outside for recess where an open playground greets you, free of restrictions? Then we thought, who better to bring this open playground to the world than the go-to source for information (Google Search), entertainment (YouTube) and connection (Gmail)? Add in the recent establishment of their content store, Google Play, and Google had an open world of exploration cornered.

Our rallying cry and line became “The playground is open.” The Nexus campaign launched with print, outdoor, digital and television. To quickly establish credibility and awareness, our first television spot, “Camping,” was in rotation during prime-time presentations of the Olympics. We launched the second spot, “Curious,” one month later. And the results have been inspiring.


According to Ace Metrix, the :60 “Camping” ad was the most effective TV spot to break during the first week of the Olympics, and the most effective technology spot in the last 90 days prior to our launch. In the two months post-launch, “Camping” reached 6.6 million combined views on YouTube, matching one of Google’s top-performing ads, “Parisian Love,” which had 6.6 million views two years after its original posting. We’ve been humbled by the acclaim the work has received, with one industry publication stating, “Google is making better Apple ads than Apple.”

  • Overall awareness of the Nexus brand has increased from 4% to 25%
  • Nexus 7 consideration has risen from 8% to 18% 
  • Most important, this positive momentum was reflected in sales — 1M Nexus tablets per month

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