Covered California

Covered California is charged with implementing the Affordable Care Act, creating a new insurance marketplace in which individuals and small businesses can get access to health insurance. Covered California launched in October of 2013, introducing the brand, a new category, and announcing to Californians that health care is now available and within reach for many who were locked out of the system before.


Covered California’s overall business goals were to increase the number of insured Californians, improve access to quality healthcare, lower costs, and reduce health disparities.

Covered California’s campaign goals were to rapidly raise awareness of Covered California and position Covered California as the official, objective source for affordable health care coverage. Furthermore, we were to provide year-around, integrated marketing support in 11 languages and 19 pricing regions, and enroll 1MM eligible uninsured Californians in the first enrollment period. 25% of enrollees needed to be Millennials. We also sought to secure 30% of those enrolled as Hispanic.


Covered California helped individuals compare and choose health insurance plans as part of broader changes to health insurance, including federal financial support on a sliding scale to those who qualified and new rules that, among other things, prevented insurance companies from denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. 

In order to reach Covered California's very diverse communities with almost half being Hispanics, and to fulfill its mission of increasing the number of insured, improving health care quality, lowering costs and reducing health disparities, Covered California, the state agency managing the ACA, partnered with The Axis Agency and Weber Shandwick to create a fully integrated and multicultural-forward marketing and advertising campaign. The campaign ran in 11 DMA's throughout the state and included television, radio, print, OOH, direct mail, collateral, digital and social media.


At the end of the First Enrollment Period, we exceed our goal, enrolling 1.4 million Californians. Then came the Second Enrollment Period that expanded health coverage to another 500,000 individuals and families.

Additionally, Covered California’s brand awareness increased from 12% to 79%. We were also awarded a distinguished Hermes Creative Platinum Award, but the true award is being part of the historic campaign that helped deliver access to health coverage to millions of Californians.

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