Retail. Reconnect. The Beacon.Store Ecosystem

As a leading international outdoor brand of Swiss origin, Mammut is particularly drawn to mountains. The mountain separating the digital and physical world was no exception. So, MRM//McCANN developed an App that would overcome this obstacle and provide customers with a clear route from the home world of pinning and sharing Mammut equipment on social media directly into stores and more particularly, to specific products within stores, without using their smartphones.


People surf online. Discover their favourite products. Share. Like. Pin. But, social favorites hardly have any impact on shopping in the physical world. And the smartphone in your hand is actually distracting.


Hands-free shopping in the Mammut Store – a digital infrastructure that seamlessly connects the digital and the real world. Customers share or pin a product from on their social network. The social favorites are stored in the Mammut Store App using social connect. When entering the brand store, a visual guidance system leads the customers straight to their favorite online products. Recommendations for other related products as well as opinions of Facebook friends are shown on digital displays. By transmitting the user data to a tablet, the qualified staff can ensure targeted customer service.

The foundation is the Bluetooth LE-based platform: Beacon.Store. Various devices can be integrated, such as the Philips lighting system. As well as additional relevant contents about products and vouchers.

MAMMUT BEACON.STORE Ecosystem from MRM // McCann Germany on Vimeo.


The idea targets a massive trend for the future, called Contextual Integration. The Mammut Hands-free Shopping based on MRM//McCann's Beacon.Store infrastructure is using real time location, social favorites and personal data to target people at the right time with the right message without using their smartphone.

Mammut had 23% increase in footfall, 62% increase of conversion rate and 16% increase of pieces per ticket.

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