Play Online. Shoot Offline– Lidl Fan Cup

Lidl, the leading grocery retailer in Europe, wanted to advertise their own brands in an innovative way during the World Cup for their 11 million Facebook fans. A difficult plan in a period where many brands was investing massive budgets to catch consumers' attention.

Creative Approach

The MRM//McCann team came up with something for the fans  - something which no one had done before. Imagine – millions of people playing foosball (table soccer) at the same time and at the same place. A huge achievement in technology and engineering made this possible to create the largest foosball tournament ever. The MRM//McCann team built 50 electronically controlled foosball tables and connected them to Facebook. Cameras monitored every arena and every action from three different angles.

The most exciting moment in soccer was captured: the penalty shootouts. Proudly wearing their nations' colors, fans from 23 countries played against each other online. Epic games were played, independent of location and device – and in real time.

To advertise Lidl’s own brands, the arenas (foosball tables) were branded  with banners - just like in real stadiums.


In the end more than 120,000 hours of branded content was displayed. The integrated campaign resulted in massive awareness - 100 million media impressions through print, TV and online advertising. Additional PR stunts created a huge media buzz across Europe. The Italian World Cup winner, Fabio Grosso, even proved his foosball skills in the famous San Siro stadium. And the Lidl Fan base grew more than 350% during this 6 weeks. The FIFA licensed Fan Collection at Lidl Stores was sold out in just 2 weeks.

Lidl Fan Cup / Play online. Shoot offline. from MRM // McCann Germany on Vimeo.

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