Oreo Wonderfilled

OREO’s equity was undeniable. For over a century the brand represented “childhood delight” and simple familial moments. But over time, that image had become more functional and focused on parent/child relationships.

The brand needed a big brand idea that would resonate with a large audience, transcend the functional attributes of Twist-Lick-Dunk, and add new energy to OREO for years to come.

The Untapped Energy

OREO unlocks the child within us all.

After examining the brand’s attributes, we found OREO was surrounded by cues of more innocent times — glasses of milk, doting parents and a generally simpler and more optimistic world. Children experience delight because they have a positive, unbiased perspective on the world. They see and feel things differently – with an open heart and an infinite and unpredictable imagination.

We identified a bigger opportunity that lay at the brand’s core, a value that everyone, regardless of age, could identify with: Wonder. This ability to see the world with openness and curiosity would give the brand renewed purpose and serve as a catalyst for seeing things in a new way.

The Creative Idea


To show people how sharing an OREO can trigger a change in perspective, we targeted our message to places and moments where people might need a reminder to see the world a little differently. We told stories through a combination of music, animation and live action. Sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always positive, each of the stories started with the same question: Wonder if I gave an OREO to ______? What might happen? Would the Big Bad Wolf have a change of heart, stop his destructive ways and use his talents for good? Would a dad let his young daughter stay up just a little past bedtime for a play date? Would high school become a beacon of positivity, even for a day? Within each story we saw how sharing something as seemingly insignificant as an OREO could change someone’s perspective for the better.

The multimedia Wonderfilled platform launched with a :90 anthem piece and spanned from print to broadcast, to POS, to OOH, to in-cinema, social media, Spotify, SoundCloud and even to 250 acappella performers singing live in NYC with Owl City, and widened the appeal of the brand to speak to more people with greater conviction.

The Success Story

In the first 15 weeks of the campaign’s launch, the brand saw sales grow 13.2%, market share increase by 1.6% points and positive brand sentiment rise by 12%. With the campaign launch, the first quarter of 2014 was the most successful in the brand’s history, resulting in an 8.5% U.S. consumption growth rate.

Most important, in 2015, Wonderfilled has achieved global coordination never before realized, powering the brand in more than 50 countries and leading to global share growth of 8.7%.

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