Deutsch NY Is Committed to Combating Bullying

Deutsch NY has a rich history of doing great work that fights stereotypes and combats bullying. In fact, the agency is known for its "be it, don’t just say it” mantra – for taking action on behalf of causes that its staffers care about. We recently chronicled the agency’s work on behalf of Live Out Loud in STRONGER (spread 4). And now, Deutsch NY has partnered with Champions Against Bullying one of the oldest, international non-profits devoted to raising awareness of and combating bullying. They have created a powerful PSA that demonstrates the devastating realities of bullying.

The PSA features teens reading real posts left on bullied teens' social media sites. The key takeaway – don’t let it be “too late,” we can put a stop to bullying – came from researching social media pages of cyber-bullying targets who took their own lives. Many contained an outpouring of positive messages posted after their deaths. If these messages, or others like them, had come sooner, things might have turned out differently.

Deutsch understood that only real posts left on bullied teenagers’ social media pages could deliver the proper emotional impact – so the agency compiled messages from these social media pages and filmed teens reading these posts. In the end, a powerful PSA with an emotional and important message was brought to life – bullying can be stopped. At the end of the spot, viewers are reminded to “Be nice. Now.”

Deutsch NY also recently worked with Galderma Laboratories, L.P. and PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, on the Band Together Project to design a program to empower and unite anybody who has been affected by bullying. Turning Teen experiences into a musical rallying cry against bullying, they asked teens to share their stories through a custom YouTube page, and then invited musical artists and producers to use these stories as inspiration to write and record a song. After reviewing nearly 400 submissions, Clinton Sparks, the Mowgli’s and Kylie Morgan met at the Jim Henson recording studio in Los Angeles. The result of their collaboration, “I’m Good,” launched on during National Bullying Prevention Month.

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