American Cancer Society/More Birthdays.

We wanted to tell the world how the American Cancer Society (ACS) is creating a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

The idea.

Invite ourselves to every birthday party. And brings some pretty cool gifts.

First, dozens of famous musicians sang "Happy Birthday" on camera. At the same time, we asked artists around the world to create original birthday art inspired by a Cancer Society breakthrough.

The response was overwhelming. Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Jack Johnson, DEVO, and actors like Jack Black, jumped on board. Original artwork poured in from all over the world–Am I Collective, Eric Carle, Dan Funderburgh, Hatch Show Print and others lent their talent.

Everything was showcased in the Birthday Gallery at Visitors could preview all the songs, then select their favorite, personalize it and send it out. Within seconds, a birthdaygram arrived in the lucky recipient's inbox.

Original art was turned into wrapping paper, posters and limited edition prints that visitors could purchase with a couple of clicks.

Creating more birthdays for years to come.

The musician videos have racked up millions of YouTube view and our TV, print and thousands of news and blog impressions have sent over 500,000 visitors to the site. Over 31,000 musicians videos have been sent and 6,000 phone calls placed. All of this is adding up to thousands of dollars a day in donations.

As more musicians and artists join the cause every day, the Birthday Gallery will continue to grow. Helping to create many more birthdays for years to come.


R&B superstar Rihanna lent her talents to the "More Birthdays" campaign.
Jack Johnson sang a soulful rendition of "Happy Birthday" for ACS.
Original art was turned into posters, wrapping paper and limited edition prints.

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