PNC Bank and Deutsch Build the World’s First Life-Size Gingerbread Bank

PNC Bank recently released its 32nd annual Christmas Price Index. This Index mimics the Consumer Price Index by pricing out each gift from the classic Christmas carol, The 12 Days of Christmas. But this year, Deutsch & PNC wanted to bring fun and finance together for the holidays, by building the world’s first life-size bank branch made of real gingerbread! The PNC Gingerbread Branch was open to the public for several days at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia.

Inside the Gingerbread Branch, kids and their families learned about the gifts and their prices from 12 beautiful columns meticulously crafted by expert pastry chefs. They enjoyed hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies from the Cookie Counter. The Gingerbread Branch wasn’t just a showcase for the Christmas Price Index, it was a working PNC Bank branch, where you could open an account or get some cash from a cookie-encrusted ATM. The design and architecture of the branch was part Art Deco and part Willy Wonka.

For those who couldn’t make it to the Gingerbread Branch in person, a 360 augmented-reality tour is available online.

Gingerbread Branch Statistics:
5,465 visitors
3,547 cups of hot chocolate distributed
3,043 gingerbread cookies distributed

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