McCann Colombia Suggests Evil Ways To Keep Co-Workers From Stealing Your Snacks

McCann Colombia’s team in Bogota created two bizarre and very funny TV spots for snack food maker Bimbo Colombia to introduce its new brand of packaged donuts, Dunitas. The TV spots show a nerdy office worker buying a pack of Dunitas from the vending machine in the office break room. The office worker’s crazy inner voice — “Only for me!” — repeats several times, until he launches into a campy and demented offensive to protect his treats.

In the first spot, the office worker somehow conjures a woman possessed by demons, familiar to every fan of horror movies, who causes his co-workers to flee in panic as the lights flicker on and off. In the second spot, a completely ridiculous-looking vulture perched atop an antique globe takes flight and dive-bombs the hapless co-workers, who, again, panic and flee for their lives. Each spot ends with the anti-hero selfishly gorging himself on donuts.

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