Weber Shandwick and OREO Use Wonder Vault to Launch Limited Edition Flavor

Since launching the limited edition Marshmallow Crispy and Cookie Dough flavored OREO cookies to the world in 2013, OREO flavors have sparked the interest of consumers and media alike. Flavors are leaked, faux flavors infiltrate the Internet and media continue to ask, “What’s next?”

The Wonder Vault is the creative expression of the real-life, top-secret process that goes into prototyping, testing and storing new OREO flavors. Weber Shandwick and its OREO client created the Wonder Vault as a framework for activating flavors over the long term and to officially release the limited edition Filled Cupcake flavored OREO cookies.

A week prior to the Filled Cupcake-flavored OREO cookies hitting shelves, a “portal” to the OREO Wonder Vault popped up in New York City, offering consumers a chance to sample the coveted limited edition flavor. Purposely bypassing typical pop-up locations such as Times Square, Madison Square Park and retail spaces available for rent, Weber Shandwick instead chose to turn a garage door in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood into a larger-than-life OREO cookie. So it seemed that a portal to the Wonder Vault had magically popped out of the existing urban landscape – for one day only.

Consumers were invited to open the OREO-shaped door. Inside, they found a mini, Wonderfilled world that cleverly combined digital content with a real-world cookie delivery. Wrapped into a nondescript box, four Filled Cupcake flavored OREO cookies “traveled” through a world of chocolatey mountains and cream-filled rivers before dropping onto a moving conveyor belt and arriving in the consumer’s hands – the delivery was started once the consumer pulled a large, red lever.

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