Jack Morton Creates Unique Experience for Ericsson

Guests participated in tailored experiences to aid their business and spark new relationships


To create an integrated brand experience for Ericsson at the Mobile World Congress.


For the past four years, Jack Morton has been Ericsson's lead agency partner in creating the integrated, invite-only brand experience it hosts each year at the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Given the competition Ericsson faces at such a big conference, our focus is on creating an experience that could only be hosted by Ericsson–something unique to their brand and something available nowhere else.

Jack Morton designed a great environment for Ericsson to engage with their customers, strengthening relationships and adding value to their business. Ericsson’s presence at MWC is characterized by interactive social events, demonstrations, business discussions and keynote presentations. We constantly aim to create experiences for Ericsson that enhance and extend this key brand experience in new ways—such as QR codes, surface projections and audio design.



Last year alone, Ericsson’s MWC experience generated 1,000 business meetings and 500+ sales leads.

During the 2011 event local artists worked on a freestyle graffiti display

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