Nestlé Rowntree's Randoms

To us, Randoms weren't just a delicious new confectionary, but a confection that could...well...celebrate randomness - and celebrate we did! Live events. Hot air balloons shaped like gnomes. Customers couldn't get enough randomness into their system.


Rowntree wanted us to make a big campaign to sell more Randoms and gave us free reign on what we could do. We think it was a smart move.


We created a massive campaign with a traveling gnome hot air balloon - shaped like the candy - at the center. Then we delighted Randoms fans with some random events, and packaged it all up using a staggering amount of original online content and conversations for the world to chew on.


We created a wealth of social response that was well above expectations.

Fans, RSVPs, views and chatter led to 2.85 million social media impressions and we delivered over 1,200 event interactions.


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