MRM//Meteorite Helps Tommee Tippee Connect with Millennial Parents

Parents, especially new parents, are always on the lookout for products, advice and resources they can trust. With a new global website, MRM//Meteorite is helping baby brand Tommee Tippee show parents all over the world that they understand what parenting is all about, and they’re here to help.

Since the original website was dated, MRM//Meteorite wanted to create a fresh, new look and feel that speaks to the millennial parenting experience. Working closely with McCann New York, they set out to prove that Tommee Tippee cares about more than just selling products — they’re genuinely concerned about supporting parents.

The new website sets the brand apart from the competition and builds on the existing ParentOn campaign. It was built on six pillars — intuitive, intelligent, inspiring, innovative, inclusive and integrated — to ensure that the content is helpful, informative and supportive. It's even designed around the challenges of early parenting, with a UX specially created to be easy-to-navigate at 3 a.m. with blurry eyes and a baby in one arm. In the "Parent Diaries" section, visitors will find stories of real parents, aiming to bring real parenthood to life and give visitors some reassurance that they aren't going through the ups and downs of parenthood alone.

Check out the new site:

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