Survival Billboard

Big video games, like big movies, launch with a huge outdoor presence. It’s become the battleground for new game launches. Yet most gaming outdoor consists of old-fashioned, passive billboards that are glanced at for just 8 seconds. So how could Xbox get gamers to engage with the launch of the gritty new Tomb Raider reboot during the busiest game launch period in history?


The aim was to target gamers who were otherwise distracted by the imminent launch of bigger games with bigger budgets, such as Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront. Our approach was to create a single, interactive experience that tapped into the gamer mentality of total control in order to increase engagement levels. In essence, the strategic approach was to treat an ad for gamers as a game in itself.


Survival Billboard was a single billboard that reached the world, as the action taking place on it was live streamed on Twitch, the Xbox dashboard, banner ads, digital OOH and a dedicated microsite. The public gave up on sleep to watch the billboard, to control the weather that the participants were enduring, as well as to support, discuss and speculate about alliances and romances. The winner lasted 22 grueling hours, yet In that one day, the oldest advertising medium was reinvented as a gripping, interactive reality show.


8 minutes average dwell time (vs. 8 seconds for a regular billboard) £3.8 million in earned media 11000 viewers for 22 hours straight 1000 weather votes per hour 3.5 million views 32000 comments in 22 hours. The Survival Billboard earned 18 Cannes Lions.

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