Jack Morton Harnesses the Power of Google to Bring Music Fans Closer

Paul Oakenfold was playing the closing party of the Asia Pacific International Music Summit to a room of some of the biggest names in electronic music. Google approached Jack Morton to turn the experience into something extraordinary – using the opportunity to drive people to Google platforms, to create ongoing conversations with fans, and to prove that they understand the industry.

The big challenge was that the summit was an existing event with a superstar DJ. So, how could we use Google’s platforms to enhance the experience (not only fulfilling their objectives but also making it the party of the year) without making it a "Google" event?

We developed the idea of "closer," an experiment in live performance that would seamlessly translate the connective power of Google’s platforms into the live environment to create an unforgettable experience.

Using state-of-the-art technology integrated with Google products, we removed the barrier between audience and artist. Bioreactive wristbands connected to fans' social networks used motion and emotional data to transform the space and music in real time, connecting people to each other and to the music in ways like never before. This formed the bridge between the live and digital worlds, allowing us to use the unique powers of Google Hangouts and YouTube in harmony to make an ephemeral moment last far beyond the performance itself.

The entire experience was supported by a strong pre- and post-event digital engagement strategy – connecting over 3 million people to the experience, to each other, and to Google.


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