Subaru Love Campaign

Still from our Emmy-nominated "Baby Driver" spot

Love. It's What Makes a Subaru, a Subaru. 

After seven years and seven different ad campaigns, Subaru was at a crossroads. They had a small, passionate fan base, but needed to stand for something with broad appeal. We knew buying a car was an emotional decision. So, we took an emotional approach. Subaru fans told us just which emotion it should be.

What’s more, while the Subaru “Love” campaign has been running for nearly eight years, we’re far from running out of gas. In fact, the Subaru brand continues to gain momentum, with sales having tripled and grown to all-time highs. Still outspent by the competition, Subaru is now heard loud and clear. We have designed and refined every aspect of, creating one of the most optimized auto sites on the Web today.
Turning Buying into Giving. We set Subaru apart from holiday consumerism with a sales event more in the spirit of the season. You buy a car, Subaru gives money to charity.

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