Weber Shandwick and KRC Investigate Perceptions of AI with New Study

As companies confront the next wave of the information age—the era of Artificial Intelligence (Al)—Weber Shandwick partnered with KRC Research to conduct Al-Ready or Not: Artificial Intelligence Here We Come!, a survey among consumers in five global markets supplemented with CMO interview.

The survey was inspired by the lack of existing research consumers’ perceptions of AI. Weber Shandwick set out to gauge public perception of AI to arm CMOs and other communicators with early insights to understand business opportunities and challenges AI presents.

The research shows that AI is transforming business:

  • 57% of CMOs believe that AI will have a major impact on marketing and communications
  • 55% go so far as to say that AI will have a greater impact on marketing and communications than social media did
  • 58% say most companies will need to compete in the AI space within the next 5 years in order to be successful. 

Marketers also expect a number of business opportunities resulting from AI over the next few years including operational and supply chain efficiencies (64%), new/deeper insights into markets (60%) and worker performance and productivity improvements (54%). The biggest perceived challenges surrounding AI include workforce training (72%) and communicating AI to customers (69%).

AI Ready or Not summarizes the consumer findings into eight revelations, each of which is supplemented with CMO perspectives on the same issue, and concludes with a CMO’s guide to engaging in the AI era. The research has been covered in Fast Company and Harvard Business Review.

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