With McCann’s Help, Godiva Keeps on Giving for the Holidays

During the holidays, every brand is telling consumers to give. But this year, McCann wanted to help Godiva create a very special product that actually facilitates generosity: “The Box that Keeps Giving”— a chocolate box that holds many gifts, nestled inside one another.

McCann didn’t have the time, budget or design/production capacity to create brand-new Godiva boxes. They had to work with their current stock. Easier said than done. An intense period of experimenting ensued -- jigsaw puzzles of chocolate boxes, art directors drawing diagrams, writers puzzling candy math, boxes inside boxes inside boxes. The solution: Two 20-piece gift boxes that open to reveal two 8-piece boxes that open to reveal two 4-piece gift boxes that open to deliver two 2-piece boxes. Boxes for everyone. Boxes that keep giving. So you can keep one box for yourself and give the other to someone who deserves a delicious holiday. And that person will not only have a box of chocolate to enjoy, but another box to give. And so on. Each box contains 2 small, elegant instruction cards that read “To Keep” and “To Give.” So sweet. So elegantly simple. Such a beautiful object to hold and something truly wonderful to share.

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