McCann Health is Kind Like Catherine

This story begins with a kind little girl named Catherine Violet Hubbard, who needlessly and tragically lost her life in the Sandy Hook shooting of 2012. Her dad works at Alexion, a client of McCann Health. And whether you are a parent or not, you are probably imagining (and feeling) the heartbreak. As much of a gut punch as it is, just to hear about this, it's hard to comprehend how a parent would deal with it. Catherine's parents weren't willing to let Sandy Hook define her story. So weeks after the tragedy, they reached out to McCann Health about doing some pro bono work – to help them spread the word about a foundation they had created in her honor.

The foundation is deeply rooted in who Catherine was: a kind, sweet child who loved all animals, and dreamt of growing up to take care of them. Her parents, in an effort to build something positive out of her loss, started the foundation to raise money for an animal sanctuary for rescued animals of all sizes that would also be a place to inspire empathy in other children. In short, a place that will try to help make the world better.

Since the foundation was created, Catherine’s parents have been overwhelmed by the generosity and selflessness of many supporters, from international organizations, such as the ASPCA, Best Friends, and the Jane Goodall Foundation, to local children who have hosted charitable lemonade stands or forgone birthday presents in favor of requesting that donations be made to the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary property consists of 34 acres, located in the heart of Newtown CT. In September of 2014, the Connecticut State House of Representatives, the Senate and the state’s governor, Daniel P. Malloy, conveyed this land to the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation, Inc.

Catherine's mom once heard her whisper to a butterfly, “Tell all your friends that I am kind." The campaign McCann Health created for the foundation has thus revolved around spreading Catherine's message of kindness.

Frank Mazzola, EVP,  Executive Creative Director, McCann Healthcare, said, "The ad is simple and strikes one of the most difficult balances there could be on a project like this, honoring the memory of Catherine and promoting the foundation itself. The creative team of Linda Enns, Patrick Meehan, Kurt Fried, and Larry Moen truly put themselves into this work. In fact, Linda Enns took it upon herself to make the campaign bigger. Seeing a connection between the 'Kindness is Everywhere' creative (featuring interspecies friendship) and a Broadway play she loved, called The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (featuring a friendship between a dog and a rat) – Linda made some calls, sent some emails, and was able to get the CVH Foundation free ad space in the show’s Playbill." Playbill has been incredibly generous, and now, the ad has been given prominent placement in 6 different Playbills! It appears in Playbills for Wicked, The Front Page, The Present, Waitress, Book of Mormon, and School of Rock.


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