Pine-Sol® "Makers of Home"

Pine-Sol Reimagines the Word “Homemaker” as Makers of Home

Pine-Sol stands against the outdated stereotype of a "Homemaker." Our “Makers of Home” campaign celebrates those redefining the role of "Homemaker."

To spark an idea that would refresh the brand in an authentic way, we started by refocusing Pine-Sol's brand truths and ensuring we had our consumer in mind. The next step was to look at consumer insights that could help us build a bridge between the product’s functionality to what it does for our consumer emotionally. We uncovered an insight that consumers feel Pine-Sol helps to “make a house a home through its scent and its powerful cleaning.” Second, the profile of the consumers who do the work to make a house a home has changed.

Today, over 1 million households are led by a single father, 2.4 million kids are being raised by grandparents and 1,300 new blended families form every single day creating newly minted step-parents. As families evolve, it’s no longer just mom doing the housework and it’s definitely not the cookie-cutter 1950’s housewife. Yet when most Americans hear the word "homemaker," the images in their minds are likely outdated.

Our process kicked off with an agency brainstorm with key internal stakeholders to work through culture tensions that could be leveraged. We also conducted an external lens exercise by looking at work that was being done for Clorox in Latin America to uncover what we might glean from the emotional connection they created in their campaigns. We discovered how polarizing the word “homemaker” can be and decided to tap into that tension and help reimagine it into something that represents today’s real life. In the process, we could honor the diverse Pine-Sol consumer base. We knew the brand had the authority to tell this authentic story since the brand has witnessed the evolution of the homemaker firsthand, being a part of our consumers’ homes since 1929. Our team was inspired to mobilize around a campaign that would break away from outdated stereotypes and celebrate the members of today’s families. We developed an integrated multi-channel campaign that could make the most of a limited budget.

Tactics included:

  • Celebrity Spokesperson: Actress/Singer Christina Milian, an Afro-Latina was chosen since she is a single mother and user of Pine-Sol. She also had universal appeal for all kinds of media and consumers.
  • Video Content Creation: Three families were featured in short-form video; one headed by a single mom, another by foster/adoptive parents, and third, an interracial couple with a special needs child. Highlighting their role as modern families defying the Homemaker stereotype helped us to redefine the role as a “Maker of Home.”
  • Social Media: Our video content and social media influencer partnerships used a call to action hashtag sparking conversation online for consumers to tell us their stories.
  • Paid Media and Influencers: We produced engaging editorial content that highlighted and aligned with the "Makers of Home" program. The media platform over delivered in terms of reach goals and provided a multi-faceted distribution strategy with custom content, social amplification and influencer distribution.
  • Microsite: We housed our content on and offered a real-time look at the ongoing conversation through a hashtag feed.
  • Community Relations: A $50,000 donation was made on National Adoption Day to Together We Rise, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children in foster care.
  • Shopper Marketing: The partnership with Together We Rise was included in our Hispanic National Free-Standing Insert (FSI) to give consumers a sense of purpose at the point of purchase.


  • Brand Lift: +8.8% lift in brand consideration among all consumers (best-in-class). +28% lift among core target 25-44 yrs old.
  • Market Share: Grew +0.1pts, the first time 4 week share had grown in over a year.
  • Video Impressions: 3.9M, 200K over goal.
  • Earned Media: 18.5M impressions, 31 interviews.
  • Social: 20M impressions, 165 contest entries, 7K tweets.
  • Paid Media Partnership: 8M impressions. Sponsored content 1M over goal.
  • Media Influencers: 1M impressions, 2x goal. 99% very positive sentiment. Engagement rate 24x better than benchmarks.
  • FSI: +5% redemptions vs previous FSI.
  • Awards: chosen by Campaign US among "16 I&C (Inclusivity & Creativity) Disruptors" defying stereotypes in today’s marketing campaigns & recipient of a Silver Telly Award in the "Culture & Lifestyle" category. 
Pine-Sol Reimagines the Word “Homemaker” as "Makers of Home"

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