WMcCann and Coca-Cola Turn Bus Stop into Fountain that Reuses Rainwater

Public drinking fountains are almost non-existent in major cities in Brazil. And when high temperatures come, especially during summer, dehydration and heat exhaustion become major issues. WMcCann and Coca-Cola Brazil’s Crystal Water created the country’s first water fountain in OOH media that reuses rainwater. The fountain was in Curitiba, a busy area in the state’s capital.

The system had three filtration points, in addition to daily assessment and certification to ensure water quality. The equipment collected the rainwater, which passed through the first filter before going to the 300-liter capacity tank. On the way to the water fountain, the water passed through new filtering processes, making it suitable for consumption.

"The Crystal brand is already directly linked to sustainability. We have, for example, eco bottles that use 20% less plastic, which reduces the impacts on the environment from the bottle’s production process up until its recycling,” explained Diego Oliveira, Crystal's Communications Manager at Coca-Cola Brazil “The rainwater drinking fountain went beyond, and provided a service to consumers within this territory of new water solutions.” He also noted that Coca-Cola Brazil gives back to nature twice as much water than it uses on its productive process, by means of reforestation and conservation programs on river basins and efficiency and reuse initiatives in factories.

According to Nicolás Romanó, Creative Director at WMcCann, "Crystal is thinking of solutions so people can have access to safe water. This rainwater drinking fountain is an innovative solution that helps highlight Crystal's commitment to sustainable practices and at the same time educates consumers on the importance of staying hydrated.”

The rainwater fountain is part of Crystal’s new positioning, "Crystal. hydrates your body, hydrates your mind." The campaign aims to show the product’s benefits and increase brand loyalty. The main message is that in addition to hydrating the body, drinking water maintains the normal functioning of the brain, helping you make better decisions, not only for yourself, but also for the world.

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