FCB Inferno Brings Back "This Girl Can"

After encouraging 2.8m women to become more active, Sport England’s National Lottery-funded This Girl Can campaign returns to television screens once again. Staying true to its original formula of showing real women and girls participating in sports and becoming active, the ambition is still about overcoming judgement – but will also feature new messages to empower women, and a range of new and returning faces. The message is clear: it’s OK to sweat, it’s OK to jiggle, it’s OK not to be brilliant (or to be brilliant!) and it’s normal for life to get in the way sometimes.

This time around, the work is set to a new soundtrack blended with a narrative by iconic poet, Maya Angelou reading her “Phenomenal Women” poem that is part of her famed, “And Still I Rise” anthology.

A new message this time is something women don’t usually hear – that it’s ok to take a break, to have a week off, to walk not run, based on research showing that women fear if they take a break from exercise, they may find it too difficult to ever return.

Women can pledge their support and capture their own “This Girl Can” mantra image for social media using the web-based app for mobile devices.

“This Girl Can” has made a real difference,” said Jennie Price, CEO of Sport England. “The number of women doing regular physical activity and sport is now at an all-time high. Our research showed the dialogue many of us have in our heads about whether we look ok, whether we are good enough, whether we belong here doesn’t go away - we just learn to manage it. That’s why the reinforcement of seeing women who look like us playing sport and talking honestly about how they feel about it is so powerful," she continued.

Al Young, Chief Creative Officer of FCB Inferno, said, “We were humbled and immensely proud of the success of the first campaign and of how its legacy lives on. This second brief presented us with a huge challenge, and this time we have focused on the roller-coaster realities of the relationship with exercise – something that is rarely talked about. We are confident this will help even more girls and women manage their fear of judgement when getting active.”

For more about This Girl Can, go to thisgirlcan.co.uk where you can find out about the women in the campaign, get tips on how to get active and join the national debate or follow This Girl Can on Facebook or Twitter.

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