LOLA MullenLowe and Magnum Celebrate Diversity, Pleasure and Acceptance

In a new film, “The Ceremony,” created by LOLA MullenLowe for Magnum, the brand celebrates diversity, pleasure and acceptance via the story of two women getting married in a beautiful ceremony that culminates with the new tagline, “Pleasure Is Diverse.”

“The idea for “The Ceremony” arises from a direction that both the brand and agency have been moving towards, where the territory of pleasure is being redefined. For each individual, pleasure is something different and we feel that it is our duty to support it in all its nuances to create social change and promote diversity and equality,” says Tomás Ostiglia, Global Creative Director at LOLA MullenLowe.

“As huge supporters of all things pleasurable, we feel it’s our duty to encourage, endorse and celebrate an acceptance of people brave enough to stand up for who they are. How you live your life is a decision only you can make, but by deciding to be true to yourself we think you’re contributing a little more individual freedom and a little more individual pleasure to the wonderfully diverse canvas of our society,” says the official statement from Unilever´s Magnum Ice Cream

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