FCB Lisbon and Royal Canin Open "The Furmacy"

In pharmacies we usually find medicines that help to ease symptoms or cure diseases. But some pains can only be cured with love. That’s what “The Furmacy,” a pop-up pharmacy created by three Portuguese animal protection associations together with FCB Lisbon and animal food and nutrition brand Royal Canin, had to offer to those who stopped by – lots of love, tenderness, loyalty and joy.

Instead of traditional medicines, The Furmacy suggested the company of a homeless dog. A treatment not only fun, but proven to be effective in the management of several modern distresses like depression, loneliness, anxiety and allergies.

In Portugal, one third of the population suffers from anxiety or depression; prescription of anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs more than doubled in the last six years; 6 in 10 Portuguese are affected by stress disorders and the percentage of people over 65 with obesity is the highest in the European Union. At the same time, shelter associations in the country say that only 30% of homeless dogs are adopted and about 100,000 dogs and cats are put down each year in shelters. Beginning in 2018, the culling of animals due to overpopulation in public shelters in Portugal will be strictly forbidden – all these animals will have to find a home. The Furmacy hopes to help further that goal.

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