FCB and Pearson Create First Words to Tackle Adult Illiteracy

Across the world, almost one billion adults can’t read or write. And illiteracy is the crux of some of the largest issues people around the world face on a daily basis. FCB Inferno has partnered with Pearson’s Project Literacy to raise awareness about adult illiteracy and to inspire action around the issue.

First Words” builds upon the successful 2016 campaign also created by FCB Inferno entitled “Alphabet of Illiteracy,” which won the Cannes Health Lions Grand Prix. “First Words” specifically focuses on intergenerational illiteracy and highlights its cyclical nature, showing how if a parent is unable to read, it is likely to be passed on to the next generation and so on.

“First Words” poignantly depicts the impact illiteracy has on basic day-to-day tasks, as well as the stigma associated with it – Donna avoids the supermarket because she can’t read the labels, and David fears he will get lost on the bus because he can’t read the map. The work also focuses on the empowerment these people feel when they finally learn to read and write. FCB Inferno’s campaign seeks to transform lives through promoting literacy, one generation at a time.

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