Weber Shandwick and FEVE Give Glass a Voice

Weber Shandwick worked with FEVE, the European Container Glass Federation to create “Endless Lives of Glass,” a campaign to encourage the use of glass packaging which is completely sustainable and 100% recyclable. It’s safe to store food and drinks in, it’s made from naturally occurring products and it’s also beautiful. But it faces stiff competition from plastic, metal and laminated cartons.

Weber Shandwick found a compelling insight: unlike any other packaging material, glass is endlessly recyclable. In fact, glass has endless lives (and glass containers have been with us in one way or other since 1500BC).

If only glass bottles could talk, what stories they might tell…

Weber Shandwick turned a commodity purchase into a considered one, by creating shareable video content based on this compelling insight; especially when, unlike any other packaging, you can recycle glass over and over again.

The creative idea was to give glass a voice, so “normal’ glass bottles on supermarket shelves in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK and Poland would suddenly start chatting to consumers about their previous lives. The talking bottles surprised shoppers by coming to life, allowing the brand to create engaging content thanks to innovative custom-built bottles, a hidden camera set up and working with well-known comedians.

The campaign won the 2017 International & European Association Award for Best Social Media Campaign. To date, 22 million+ people viewed the videos; 15,000 shared them, and FEVE’s online community grew by 42% in 2016 to 116,000+ supporters. The campaign garnered 328 media hits in seven markets, in outlets such as Le Figaro, Daily Mail and Corriere Della Sera.

The results of a 2016 European campaign impact survey indicate positive behavioural change since the start of the three-year campaign: half of all consumers claim to use more glass than they did three years ago. And, in a competitive market space, industry data indicates glass packaging production was up 2.4% in H2 2016.

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