303 MullenLowe Launches Resource to Help Young Australians with Severe Allergies

303 MullenLowe teamed up with Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) and Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA) to create "250K,” a resource for the 250,000 young Australians living with severe allergies.

The “250K” project, funded by the Australian government, was developed in response to a survey conducted by the National Allergy Strategy team which revealed that an alarming number of Australian teenagers with severe allergies held back from telling friends about their health condition and carrying their Epipen to avoid standing out at school or in social circles.

The team spent months working with a group of young Australians to get a sense of what tools and support these teens needed in order to overcome these social challenges. Everyone at the agency became very invested in the “250K” project as the teens shared their everyday allergy challenges. The 250k.org.au website and its message is clearly targeted to the young Australians with featured animated characters and fun graphics, all while sharing useful relatable content.

According to 303 MullenLowe Group Managing Director, Derry Simpson, “It was heartbreaking to hear about the challenges this group was facing every day. Being a teenager is hard enough, without feeling like you’re different all the time. Many of these kids avoided going out with their friends so they didn’t draw attention to themselves and some hadn’t even told anyone around them they had an allergy which is dangerous in itself.

“What they all wanted was a place they could go that was just for them. Somewhere they could find the answers to their questions and the tools and resources they needed to help them have conversations about their allergies with their friends. And a place where they could share their stories and talk to others their own age, who are going through the same thing. And that’s exactly what ‘250K’ is designed to be.”

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