FCB Cape Town Promotes Driving Safety

FCB Cape Town’s new “Safely Home: The Knock-On Effect” campaign for Western Cape Government’s Department of Transport & Public Works, builds upon this summer’s provocative “Safely Home: It Can Wait” spot, which both seek to raise awareness about common vehicular accidents. The “Knock-On Effect” consists of a TV commercial – created in conjunction with Egg Films – and demonstrates how one can avoid the devastating “knock-on effect” of a crash by simply lowering the car’s speed by 5kph.

In the commercial, a man is driving a car at 65kph in a 60kph zone and hits a pedestrian. The viewer then sees the knock-on effect of this collision, as the pedestrian’s family, as well as the family of the driver, are symbolically catapulted into the air as if being hit themselves. Yet, when the driver knocks just 5kph off his speed, he has more time to react and is able to avoid the knock-on effect, altogether proving the campaign’s final point: “It won’t kill you to slow down.”

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