McCann Health & Afghan Ministry of Public Health Partner To Increase Childhood Vaccination Rates

McCann Health and the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan have launched The Immunity Charm™ Project, a simple creative solution that harnesses a long-standing cultural tradition, to provide mothers with a powerful new incentive to get their children vaccinated.
A simple bracelet, similar to those found universally among infants in Afghanistan to protect against evil spirits, The Immunity Charm™ consists of colored beads that represent the vaccines each child has received.

Healthcare workers provide The Immunity Charm™ to mothers to place on their newborn’s wrist as a symbol of protection against disease. Each time the child is brought for an immunization, a color-coded bead corresponding to the specific vaccine received is added to the bracelet symbolizing the protective effects of the vaccine. As the child receives additional vaccines against such diseases as measles, polio, diphtheria, and others, color-coded beads are added to the bracelet.

“We are excited to work with McCann Health on the development and testing of this potentially important new tool to help us increase vaccination rates in our country," said Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz, Public Health Minister, Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. "The Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan is committed to testing creative solutions to difficult challenges that we face in our country.”

“Harnessing cultural traditions is one of the best ways to address public health problems and break through deep-rooted misconceptions and practices embedded in history,” says Dr. Harshit Jain, Marketing Director (APAC) & Country Head (India), McCann Health.

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