New FCB Work for Air Canada Celebrates Diverse Values

“Our Home” is the newest work from Air Canada by FCB Canada, celebrating diverse and universal values shared by Canadians. Running on television, online and in theaters throughout the holidays, the ad portrays the deeply personal connections we have to the place we call home, brought to life in a heartfelt narration by Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds.

The entire concept presents images of compassion, teamwork and diversity. In one scene, a guy gives up his seat on a crowded bus to an older woman wearing a head scarf. Another shows folks straining to build a sandbag barrier to hold back a flood. In another, a self-assured young man in women’s clothing removes his eyelashes and wig.

Home “isn’t just a place—it’s something more,” says Reynolds, a native of Vancouver, B.C., as his narration begins. “It shapes us. Defines us. Sets us on a journey. Free to be ourselves. Free to find ourselves. And knowing our place in the world.”

“Our Home” is part of a larger campaign Air Canada launched in November 2017 to celebrate home. Ryan Reynolds will continue to work with Air Canada in 2018 with new projects already on the horizon.

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