Lowe Lintas and Unilever Partner on Sanitation-Focused Work

Almost one third of India’s children fall ill repeatedly. The biggest reason for this is lack of hygiene. Practicing three simple life-changing habits can change their fate — hand-washing, drinking clean water, and access to proper sanitation.

Lowe Lintas and Unilever partnered on a spot titled “A Playing Billion,” that focuses on India’s love for cricket. In such a place, what could be worse than losing a cricket match? Not being able to play one! And that’s the simple idea of the story Lowe Lintas and Unilever created, with the hope that the story of an incomplete cricket team would help them complete the country's dream of creating a nation with not just “a playing 11,” the number needed for a cricket match but “a playing billion.”

Shot in a small town in India, the film puts a spotlight on the issue through a heart-breaking story of a group of kids who are determined to participate in a cricket tournament which is a month away.

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