FP7/McCann Dubai and Babyshop Encourage Unity During Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of the year when Muslims around the world fast during the day, every day, for an entire month. People wake up, pre-dawn, to eat the morning meal. And they abstain from all food and liquids until dusk. Ramadan serves as a reminder about empathy, tolerance, humanity, unity and togetherness; values that are often forgotten in today’s world beset with prejudice, divisions and walls – both physical as well as emotional.

So, this Ramadan, FP7/McCann Dubai and Babyshop, a children’s retailer in the Middle East, are inviting people across the Middle East and the world to reconsider accepted thinking and behavior. In an uncertain time, when the world around us remains divided between “us” vs. “them”, when we’re all building walls between countries, families, neighbors, economic and social status, and each other, Babyshop is sharing a message of unity during the month of togetherness - but, with a difference; encouraging us to open up our hearts, doors and minds to others by embracing its philosophy of “World Without Walls.”

A film on YouTube and Facebook is launching the idea. It follows the journey of a child making his way through an actual world without walls – from his room to his parents’ room to a luxurious Middle East home to a refugee tent to a South Asian home (where a dad is spotted making some morning sandwiches) to a nursing home and finally, to an orphanage, and beyond.

Through the film, Babyshop is encouraging people across the region to share the message of a #WorldWithoutWalls. The brand is also implementing in-store activities, on-ground initiatives, social content as well as a co-creative social media activation to bring #WorldWithoutWalls to people around the region, and around the world too.

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