Carmichael Lynch Receives Agency Inclusion Vanguard Award

At the 2018 IPG Inclusion Awards, Carmichael Lynch received the Agency Inclusion Vanguard Award. Carmichael Lynch’s Diversity and Inclusion Action League (DIAL) comprises 33% of the agency employees. The organization coordinates multiple subcommittees and initiatives aimed at nurturing the creativity of their employees and providing a work environment that is open to new ideas and encourages bravery and new ways of thinking.

Employee groups such as Blaze (women’s leadership group), CLOUT (LGBTQ+ group) and Mosaic (People of Color group) host programs including bimonthly discussions on gender parity in the workforce, educational programs to help create and nurture a culture of inclusion in the workplace and strategic partnerships with organizations such as The BrandLab, Penumbra and Art Buddies that are aligned with the groups’ missions.

Additionally, Carmichael Lynch supports working parents through numerous initiatives including a generous paternity leave program, phased return for mothers, a “Coffee with an Experienced Mom” buddy system and a CL Parents’ Group that meets regularly to discuss various parenting topics and hosts kid-friendly outings such as visits to the zoo and an apple orchard. The agency also has two mothers’ rooms equipped with hospital-grade pumps, mini-fridges, desks and snacks. For mothers who travel for work, the agency offers the Milk Stork program which ships breastmilk back to their home.

Additionally, Carmichael Lynch rolled out extensive unconscious bias training for their entire staff, presented by neuroscientist Dr. Sarah Bridges and the agency’s Chief Creative Officer. CL encouraged staff to take the Harvard Implicit Association Test to learn about their own bias. Carmichael Lynch also rolled out a hiring managers interview guide that includes a blind resume process that removes names, addresses and other identifying information from prospective employees’ resumes.

The agency’s retention numbers are at an all-time high, well above the industry average. Carmichael Lynch won best place to work awards from Outside magazine and the Star Tribune for the eighth year in a row. The agency won DigiDay Worklife Awards for Most Committed to Diversity and Inclusion and Most Innovative Culture. They were honored as an Outstanding Company for Working Moms by She Runs It, as well as Most Inclusive Climate by the IPG Inclusion Awards. Carmichael Lynch’s PR agency was honored with the Best PR Firm Diversity Initiative by the PR Council for the Diversity and Inclusion Action League (DIAL) Committee.

In a city where the average employee rate of People of Color in marketing is 6%, Carmichael Lynch has an overall rate of 12%, and People of Color make up 11% of their management and leadership. Women make up over 63% of the agency and 64% of management and leadership.

In eight years, the agency’s DIAL Committee has grown from six to 88 employees (over a third of the entire agency) and has built itself into the DNA of the agency’s culture. Carmichael Lynch sponsored, in time and money, over $450,000 dollars toward their D&I efforts in 2017 alone.

Overall agency participation in various D&I events/training has grown to almost 90% and has stayed at this level for past four years. In the last five years, less than 5% of first-time parents have decided not to return to the agency, and in 2017, Carmichael Lynch’s overall turnover rate was only 7.7%.

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