The Martin Agency and Hala Help Save Lives in Syria

The Martin Agency partnered with Hala Systems to produce a social video encouraging Syrian civilians to download the Sentry Syria app, which provides advance warning for random air strikes near them prompted by the Bashar al-Assad regime. Sentry uses artificial intelligence (AI) to instantaneously validate information from multiple sources, allowing stakeholders to detect, identify, model, and predict threats.

Hala’s first deployment of Sentry is in areas of Syria under constant threat of indiscriminate bombing. In the last two years, Sentry has made over 105,000 observations of threatening aircraft, reported on 6,981airstrikes, and reached an estimated 2,100,000 people inside of Syria with its automated warnings. According to a preliminary analysis, Hala’s technology solutions resulted in an estimated 20-27% reduction in casualty rates in several areas under heavy bombardment in 2018.

“The Sentry early warning system is already saving lives,” exclaimed John Jaeger, Founder and CEO of Hala Systems. “Our plan now is to do more for the two billion people living in countries affected by fragility, conflict, and violence.”

Genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass rape, and scorched earth policies continue as strategies of war. Yet, technologies such as AI and the internet of things have radically reduced the costs and increased the feasibility of empowering civilians to protect themselves and to avert tragedy — even in the most difficult of circumstances.

“…it’s a rare privilege to get the opportunity to have a small part in a project as impactful as Sentry Syria, noted Andrew Bailey Project Lead and Senior Digital Producer at The Martin Agency. “Hala Systems had a proven track record of saving lives with Sentry when we were approached to develop animation to promote the program. Our challenge was clear — encourage Syrian citizens to sign-up for Sentry Syria’s alerts in a country where trust is at a premium,” he continued.

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