Neon Uses Cheesy Ads for Recruitment

Neon, an FCB Health Network agency, knows everyone hates cheesy pharma ads. That’s why Neon created Pharma Cheese, its new bad ad generator as a recruitment tool. With just a few clicks, visitors can instantly generate a full-page pharma ad that stinks to high heaven.

When potential job candidates see the Pharma Cheese bait on social media, they get to make a stinker too. And if they want to get in the door for an interview, they’ll have the opportunity to impress the team with their clever critique of the cheesiness they just made. Illustrated to look like a gourmet cheese shop, the site uses a database of more than 30 bogus brand names, 50 heinous headlines, 4 bad body copy variations and 48 clichéd images to create more than 12 million possible combinations of cringe-inducing pharma banality. Upon launch of this hilarious send-up in April 2019, countless would-be ad legends have already sent their reviews (and resumes) Neon’s way.

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