Golin’s Amaya Adams Recognized as Inclusion Ally of the Year

Amaya Adams is Golin’s global community manager, helping the agency to reach the profoundly diverse global market in which it does business – creating content that resonates with audiences on both social media and internal communications channels. By tapping into the talented diverse groups across Golin’s 50+ global offices, Amaya has become “the” inspirational ally for everyone she works with. She not only celebrates diversity by spotlighting each community and giving them a platform to share what makes them unique, she also practices inclusion and belonging by creating connectivity at Golin for people, groups and ideas that didn’t exist before.

In 2018, Amaya launched a cultural celebration content campaign, selecting moments throughout the year where people could share their personal perspectives on what it means to represent various dimensions of diversity including genders, race, sexual orientation, family traditions, backgrounds, religion and politics. Her approach included thought leadership blogs, social media creative and internal amplification on Golin’s Workplace platform to recognize and celebrate the many different communities in which Golin’s employees identify with.

Audiences inside and outside of Golin’s walls came to expect – and get excited by – the different cultural celebrations Amaya championed. She gave each group the platform to be seen, heard and understood better. Amaya also sits on Golin’s Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Council in Chicago and is a contributing marketing member to Golin’s Office of Business Relevance, Inclusion and Equity (OBRIE) department

Amaya’s communication campaign to recognize cultural celebrations has been, and will continue to be, the benchmark and barometer for all inclusion work at Golin. Not only did she spotlight diversity across the agency, but she also created a new sense of community by connecting groups, people and interests that did not exist before. Across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, her cultural posts received almost 4,500 (positive) engagements – the largest social interaction for a single campaign at Golin in 2018, that did not include paid amplification.

But the most impactful result from her campaign has no numbers or leadership attached to it. It’s simply being the ally that Amaya has become. One example came about last Fall, when a couple of colleagues reached out to Amaya asking what it would take for the global agency to consider adding pronouns to employee email signatures. She jumpstarted that conversation with key stakeholders, resulting in Golin’s rollout of new email templates this year to include pronouns.

Since her leadership over the 2018 cultural celebration campaign, Amaya has expanded her efforts to offer each Golin community a stronger voice, tapping into advocates who are willing to write thought leadership pieces on their experiences.

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