McCann Serbia/Suicide Prevention

McCann Serbia created a unique OOH campaign to help prevent suicides.

Why Pro Bono?

In Serbia, an average of 1,500 people take their own lives each year, with dozens of them jumping from Belgrade bridges. McCann Serbia was tasked with raising awareness about this huge problem.


McCann Serbia chose to focus on the tallest bridge in Belgrade, Brankos Bridge. Named after a famous poet, Branko Copic, who took his own life by jumping from it, the bridge has become a symbol of suicide in Serbia.

The creative team decided to project a message, "You Are Not Alone," along with the phone number of the Suicide Prevention Office. The message was projected onto the water surface and could only be seen when looking down from the bridge. Because most suicide attempts happen at night, the projected message was best visible during the nighttime hours.


McCann's work for suicide prevention gained a good deal of attention. Five national TV stations, nine major national newspapers and many radio stations and web sites reported on the projection. Many news outlets outside of Serbia carried the story about the projection, which also drew notice on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The second step of the campaign is now underway with many Serbian companies contributing to the cause, donating money to place permanent stickers along Serbians bridges. The stickers will carry the "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" message along with the phone number for the country's Suicide Prevention Office.

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