McCann Rome/World Hunger

McCann Rome created a campaign to raise awareness about the growing problem of world hunger.

Why Pro Bono?

Every six seconds a child dies from starvation. With hunger still a massive problem affecting all areas of the world, the number of people living in chronic hunger is reaching an unfathomable number: one billion.


FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, wants to draw the world's attention to the issue of hunger and starvation and push politicians to action. The FAO is planning to deliver an anti-hunger petition with one million signatures to world leaders during an official ceremony in December.

McCann Rome developed a bold and emotional worldwide campaign based upon a simple concept: everyone should get angry about the size and scope of the world's hunger problem and should act on that anger. I'm Mad As Hell is the claim that gives voice to this feeling and a yellow whistle is its tangible extension.

With the support of British actor Jeremy Irons for its TV execution, the campaign also spreads across all media including print, outdoor, internet, mobile, events, guerrilla merchandising, PR and soon, a Facebook application.


Despite its close-to-zero media budget, the campaign has had significant worldwide media coverage. Communities, celebrities and politicians are supporting the project and one million signatures have been collected for the petition!

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