Jack Morton Promotes Hong Kong's First Zero Carbon Building

Arial view of the Zero Carbon Building

Jack Morton created an interactive, immersive exhibit around Hong Kong’s first Zero Carbon Building. 

Background and Objective

The China Construction Industry Council (CCIC) is a strategic industrial committee that works to foster accountability in industrial practice in Hong Kong.  In 2012, CCIC partnered with the Chinese government on an environmental advocacy initiative to tackle one of the city’s fastest growing problems: dangerously high levels of carbon emissions.

To inspire environmental change and awareness, the CCIC built the city’s first Zero Carbon Building.  Rather than just telling the community to be more sustainable, the Zero Carbon Building demonstrates just how inspiring and innovative sustainability can be and encourages others to follow its example.


Jack Morton translated the Zero Carbon Building into an immersive-25-exhibit-journey of anticipation, discovery and education that inspired awareness and advocacy for a sustainable future in Hong Kong. Highlights of the exhibit included:

  • Guests begin their journey with an immersive 3D film, “Why Zero Carbon?” The film, created by Jack Morton, uses cutting-edge, stereoscopic bullet-time sequencing to tell the story of Hong Kong’s environmental conditions.  This educational film is the first of its kind to depict the challenges facing Hong Kong’s environmental sustainability. To accommodate the exhibit’s two distinct audiences, children and industry professionals, the film was produced in two versions and three languages.
  • A game challenges visitors to build a virtual low carbon building using the actual building materials used in the construction of the Zero Carbon Building. First, visitors watch a short animation that explains-embodied carbon, a central concept behind environmental practice. Then, visitors can touch and feel the building materials and scan them to unlock information about their sustainability score and how/where they can be used in construction.
  • Visitors can unlock more information at every part of the interactive journey by scanning QR codes located across the exhibit space.
  • The exhibit allows visitors to explore the sustainable features of the Zero Carbon Building in real time. Each room displays this information with interactive, visual data monitors that use cutting-edge sensors to measure energy consumption.


To create the Zero Carbon Building interactive exhibit, the medium needed to match the message. To meet this strategic objective, we used a range of sustainable and low carbon materials for the exhibitions.

  • For the displays, we used Plyboo, a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified bamboo that is not only durable but 100% sustainable.
  • We used certified low VOC paint made with less than .01% chemicals.
  • The plywood we selected was 100% sustainable: for every tree used, the supplier company plants a tree.
  • The outdoor signage used Zinc Panel, a low carbon and long-lasting material.
  • The table surfaces were constructed from Polymer stone, a low carbon material.



  • The exhibit is well on its way to reaching its target of 40,000 visitors per year.
  • By creating an interactive educational journey, we transformed the Zero Carbon Building from a static monument into an inspiring conversation about sustainability that has engaged some of China’s leading industry professionals and key influencers.
  • 200 VIPS in attendance at exhibit launch: guests included government officials, industry stakeholders, professional institutions and community groups.
  • The launch generated positive feedback and media coverage in leading, local publications including Ming Pao News, Sing Tao Daily, RTHK, Oriental Daily, and TVB.
  • The exhibit has earned the attention of the city’s leading industrial contractors who have sought partnerships and promotional opportunities with the Zero Carbon Building.


The interactive surface exhibit uses animation and games to teach people about sustainable construction materials.

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